About Us

At Container King we have taken the next logical step in container rentals and sales, and we are optimising the advantages of container conversions into several different mobile applications.

Apart from the mobility of a converted container, it also offers instant and secure solutions for whatever requirements you may have. If it can be constructed with bricks and mortar, it can be containerised at a fraction of the cost and time.

The advantages of container conversions versus constructed buildings are numerous, some of these are:

  • The timeframe from conversion to delivery / installation is much shorter than that of constructing a similar building
  • The financial implications associated with converting a container is generally done at a fraction of the cost of erecting a permanent structure.
  • The converted space is efficient and practical for the application thereof
  • The mobility of a converted container means that it can be used over and over at different locations
  • Containers can be converted to suit your specific needs and requirements

We also offer a wide range of containers both for sale and rent for various uses such as secure storage and transportation of various materials. The uses of our containers are endless, contact us today to discuss your requirements and let us assist you in finding the ideal solution for you.

The Royal Choice for Container Rentals testContainer King has long been recognised as one of the leaders in container sales and hire. With Container King, renting a container is quick and easy. We will deliver the container, or containers, of the desired size to your location and will position it exactly where you choose. We pride ourselves on our punctuality and strive to provide a valuable customer service to both companies and individuals alike.
The great thing about renting a container is that it is extremely cost effective. This is why container rentals have become a popular choice for a host of industry professionals and private individuals who are working within strict budget constraints. At Container King, we take great pride in providing quality containers to the public at extremely competitive prices.

Specialising in providing above ground, onsite storage containers, Container King provides only the very best containers for hire to our customers. We supply containers for rental in two different sizes, namely 6 metre and 12 metre containers. All of our containers are rust-free, ensuring the longevity of your belongings while in storage. They are water tight, weatherproof and can be easily locked and unlocked. Our containers provide fantastic shelter from the elements and are highly secure.

We understand the amount of pressure you can be under as a business or a home owner that is in dire need of storage. That s why we try and make the rental process as simple and stress free as possible. After all, the point of hiring a container is for convenience, so why should the process of securing said container give you grey hairs? In short, it shouldn t and it won t if you put your faith in Container King for all your container rental needs.