Container Sales
At Containerking we have taken the next logical step in container sales, and we are optimising the advantages of container conversions into several different mobile applications.Apart from the mobility of a converted container, it also offers instant and secure solutions for whatever requirements you may have. If it can be constructed with bricks and mortar, it can be containerised at a fraction of the cost and time.

We sell the following 6m/12m Shipping Containers such as:

  • General Purpose Shipping Containers
  • High Cube Shipping Containers
  • Reefer Shipping Containers
General Purpose ContainersGeneral purpose containers are made of corrugated steel, making them extremely robust and secure. These containers are also watertight, making them the perfect option for trans-oceanic travel. Inside the floors are usually hard planked wood or plywood sheeted. These containers are suitable for all general cargo. While general purpose containers are usually preferred for transporting dry, solid goods then cal also be lined with plastic to transport non-toxic liquids.

These basic containers are also the preferred option for container conversions as they can come with a varying number of doors depending on the customer s specifications.

Find quality steel containers for sale at Container King

High Cube ContainersThese high cube containers are ideal for transporting high volumes of light weight cargo. This means that you can transport more of the cargo, because of the extra space, but you will not end up being overweight.

High cube containers are generally suited to dry cargo, and can be ideal for cargo which is too tall to fit into a general purpose container. These containers can carry cargo up to 2.7metres high.

Reefer ContainersThere are a number of options when it comes to refrigerated containers. The basic reefer container contains an internal refrigeration unit, but this container is heavily dependent on power sources on cargo liners, at the quay, and diesel generators for overland travel. Other refrigeration variations include cryogenic systems which use frozen carbon dioxide or liquid nitrogen. This option is best suited for short journeys. Water cooling systems are highly effective, but also very expensive. Finally for highly temperature sensitive cargo a redundant refrigerator system is use. This basically comprises of a back up refrigeration system which will kick in if the primary system fails.

Whatever your needs, find refrigerated containers for sale at Container King.

Before you purchase a container it is essential that you are confident that it will perform the function which you have in mind. To determine this it is important that you are aware of the dimensions of the containers in order to ascertain whether it is suited to the project which you have in mind. Whether is a container conversion or for freighting purposes, check out the dimensions on our containers to ensure that the dimensions are what you need to fulfil its purpose.

6m Containers

  • External Dimensions: 6.05m x 2.44m x 2.59m
  • Internal Dimensions: 5.92m x 2.34m x 2.38mCubic Capacity: .33.0m³
  • Floor Area: 13.75m²Door Opening Width: 2.34m
  • Door Opening Height: 2.31mSteel Container Weight: 2,300kg
  • Refrigerated Container Weight: 2,990kg

12m Containers

  • External Dimensions: 12.22m x 2.44m x 2.59m
  • Internal Dimensions: 12.05m x 2.34m x 2.38mCubic Capacity: 67.0m³
  • Floor Area: 28.20m²Door Opening Width: 2.34m
  • Door Opening Height: 2.31mSteel Container Weight: .4,000kg
  • Refrigerated Container Weight: 4,700kg
What you need to know when purchasingAlways take the weight of your cargo into account to ensure that the container can handle it. Most containers should be watertight and highly secure, however it is always a good idea to check and make sure that the container which you are considering purchasing is in good condition, especially if it is second hand. If your container is not watertight then you always run the risk of your cargo suffering water damage, rot and rodent infestation.

At Container King all of our containers are put through rigorous quality assessments to ensure that they are fit for resale. Our used containers always come with a certification which specifies that they are cargo worthy. If the container is not cargo worthy we will always inform you beforehand, and we will never lead you astray with false information regarding our containers.

Container King is a highly professional container manufacturer and supplier. If you are looking for quality containers for sale then contact Container King today and let us find exactly what you need.

Additional Container Sales InformationAt Container King we supply high quality new and used containers for sale to the public. Due to their robust, secure and watertight nature containers have become indispensable to the global trade community. Containers are also highly sought after for storage purposes, providing business and homeowners a place to store surplus stock or their valuables during a move or home renovations. In addition, containers have also become extremely fashionable and desirable structures when it comes to creating low cost structures for site offices, classrooms, ablution blocks, canteens and fashionable mobile restaurants and cafés.

This increasing popularity has resulted in a high demand for containers, and at Container King we are prepared to meet that demand. We supply a variety of containers for sale. Three main types of containers which we have on sale are general purpose containers, high cube containers and reefer containers.

Each container type fulfills a purpose, so have a look through the container breakdowns to decide which is the best container for you, your business, or your current project.