Container King was established in 2015 with a vision to provide a cost effective, innovative and quality solutions to the market.

We are a market leader where it comes to container conversions and prefabricated buildings and offer class leading solutions for industrial and commercial use. All our products are quality driven and affordable. Our vision is to always supply a valuable service offering to our clients to assure piece of mind. Quality standards are controlled and measured on all products and services rendered. We are a technology oriented company that will always strive to be innovative and reliable by utilizing technological advances to improve products and services offered.

We are a proud LEVEL 4 B-BBEE contributor. We supply throughout Africa and have been on the forefront of innovative solutions.

If you require any customized container or prefabricated building, please give us a call today as we have solutions available for all industries. Do you require the best quality and price, then you have come to the right place!

Our professional dedicated team will ensure that you always get outstanding products and value for money, including a fast and efficient service.

Our workmanship consists of the highest quality material combined with innovative solutions and turnkey solutions for all industries at competitive prices.

Container King has a wide range of products and services, all under one roof. All our products are designed and manufactured to save time and money without compromising quality. All work done are scrutinized by a quality inspector before our products are released for delivery or collection.

Backed by a highly experienced and enthusiastic team of people, an extensive range of high-quality products and a passionate, dedicated service ethic, our team at Container King is building strong connections with Southern African companies.

We exceed the expectations of our customers by delivering on our promise of value and excellent customer service.At Container King we have taken the next logical step in container rentals and sales, and we are optimising the advantages of container conversions into several different mobile applications.

Apart from the mobility of a converted container, it also offers instant and secure solutions for whatever requirements you may have. If it can be constructed with bricks and mortar, it can be containerised at a fraction of the cost and time.

The advantages of container conversions versus constructed buildings are numerous, some of these are:


The timeframe from conversion to delivery / installation is much shorter than that of constructing a similar building

financial implications

The financial implications associated with converting a container is generally done at a fraction of the cost of erecting a permanent structure.

efficient & practical

The converted space is efficient and practical for the application thereof


The mobility of a converted container means that it can be used over and over at different locations


Containers can be converted to suit your specific needs and requirements

More Container Options

We also offer a wide range of containers both for sale and rent for various uses such as secure storage and transportation of various materials. The uses of our containers are endless. let us assist you in finding the ideal solution for you.

Let us assist you in finding a custom solution for you.

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