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Medical Industry Containers for Medical Supplies, Hazardous Storage and Decontamination Facilities

The many uses of medical industry containers

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, medical industry containers have proven a convenient and affordable solution to effectively delivering healthcare around the country.

The use of medical industry containers has offered proven benefits during this time and have served as a vital form of relief during the efforts of the healthcare industry to combat the surge in viral cases across South Africa.

With hospitals often struggling under the intensive requirements for patient beds and the need for increased on-site operations and treatment, medical supply containers are a useful means of ensuring that patients receive adequate care from a variety of locations.

Rebuilt from modular shipping containers, these medical supplies containers can act as portable clinics that are repurposed to house medical equipment and supplies.

They are outfitted to suit a wide variety of locations, and can be configured to deliver on any medical requirement. This includes their use as decontamination containers and hazardous storage containers.

As such, medical industry containers will long outlive their immediate purpose during the pandemic, as they can be outfitted with specialised equipment and further adapted to meet a range of needs, including disaster relief and the increasing need for medical care in more far-flung rural areas.

Below, we discuss how these containers can be used for medical supplies, decontamination and hazardous storage.

Medical industry containers provide important relief to hospitals during a pandemic

As has already been seen during the pandemic, medical industry containers are especially valuable during viral outbreaks as they provide vital relief to hospitals struggling to deliver sufficient beds, medical care and equipment during a surge in viral cases.

They are also proven effective as quarantine facilities which can be kept on hospital grounds at a safe distance from other patient areas, greatly bolstering ongoing healthcare efforts.

But there are a slew of other needs which can be efficiently addressed with the use of medical supply containers, including in areas of low patient density, in response to natural disasters, in conflict zones, and as emergency means for medical storage.

Medical industry containers provide much-needed healthcare facilities to underserved rural areas

Many rural areas with low patient density are often under-served by the number of hospitals available in the region, so that patients are required to travel far distances to receive adequate care which is especially problematic during cases of medical emergency.

Setting up medical industry containers in these areas, such as in rural villages or at off-site locations creates an effective solution for those needing immediate care and who would otherwise not have access to permanent hospitals.

Medical industry containers can deliver critical support during natural disasters

During times of natural disaster, many areas experience a sudden increase in the need for urgent medical assistance, so that delivering shipping container clinics to these areas will provide vital relief for those in need of help but cannot leave the disaster area in order to find adequate medical support.

Medical industry containers make it easier for healthcare providers to access conflict zones

Another area in which medical industry containers have proven valuable is in conflict zones, or parts of any country which experience harsh climates and are therefore harder to access.

Conflict zones experience repeated barrages against their permanent structures, making it difficult for hospitals to service the needs or the surrounding community under ongoing structural pressure.

In these cases, medical industry containers can be easily assembled in conflict areas and removed once they are no longer required.

Medical industry containers can provide secure medical access in harsh climates

In harsh climate zones, it can be difficult to build and maintain permanent hospital structures, even when there is an ongoing requirement for medical care in these areas. Medical industry containers can deliver fast medical relief due to their quick assemblage, and can be easily transported into these zones.

Medical industry containers offer accessible off-site medical care

Finally, medical industry containers are particularly useful as temporary storage units for medical supplies and as off-site health centers close to temporary work areas, such as mines and construction sites.

Employees on these sites are often at higher risk of incurring injuries that need immediate medical care, so that it can be critical to provide access to off-site healthcare facilities during these operations.

Medical industry containers allow these companies to provide their employees with vital healthcare facilities quickly and efficiently.

The pros of medical industry containers  

Medical industry containers provide a great variety of benefits that make them an essential part of any efficient healthcare setup.

Medical industry containers are both strong and durable

Healthcare centres built from modular containers are strong and are able to carry thousands of kilograms due to their steel cores, which also make them robust against extreme weather conditions.

Added to this, their durability is well-established as they are designed to transport a variety of cargo types across great distances and across a variety of environments, whether it be extreme cold and heat, heavy winds or uneven terrain. 

Medical industry containers can be easily transported

While these containers are enforced with steel cores for great durability, they are still lightweight and can be easily transported on a flatbed in order to be delivered to areas that require an urgent medical presence.

Because containers are so widely used across various industries, the required modes of transportation can be easily sourced at an affordable rate.

Medical industry containers are adequately sized for the required use

Strong, durable, and lightweight, medical industry containers are also large enough to house several people at once along with the required medical equipment needed to treat patients effectively.

Medical industry containers can be used immediately

Medical industry containers have already been repurposed into transportable clinics and equipment holdings so that they can be put to use immediately with no further assembly required.

This is particularly important during urgent medical situations such as with viral pandemics or natural disasters.

Medical industry containers can be customized to specific size requirements

Medical industry containers can be easily expanded by joining two or more containers together. This means that should healthcare providers need to grow the operations of their clinic, or create more storage space for medical supplies, the size of the container can be easily customized according to these needs.

Medical industry containers provide airtight storage facilities

The provision of a sanitary environment with clean air is crucial for successful medical operations, whether it be for the purposes of quarantine or in order to store medical supplies safely.

Apart from being customizable in size, medical industry containers can also be outfitted with airtight storage facilities in order to ensure a hazard-free medical environment.

Medical industry containers are affordable

Whether it be to expand government-related medical efforts or as a useful addition to the private medical care sector, containers are a more affordable option than building a clinic or hospital.

This affordability means that they can be made more readily available to the communities and areas that need urgent healthcare.

Medical industry containers are a sustainable healthcare solution

The strength and durability of medical industry containers means that they have a significantly longer life-span, while their customizable nature means that they can be reassembled and repurposed for a variety of different needs.

This makes a medical industry container a sustainable option with a smaller environmental footprint than the building of permanent hospitals or clinics.

The benefits of Container King’s medical industry containers

  • Container King understands the critical needs of the high-pressure medical industry and is well-equipped to deliver medical industry containers fast and efficiently.
  • Our containers can be rented in two different size options and are highly sanitary in order to provide a secure environment for both medical storage and treatment.
  • Our medical industry containers are rust-free, watertight and weatherproof, providing secure protection from a number of environmental hazards.
  • The rental process at Container King is streamlined and hassle-free in order to meet the demands of the medical industry and ensure that healthcare needs can be easily met.
  • Each container is checked by a certified quality inspector to ensure the best quality provided at an affordable price, and receives an official stamp of approval before being delivered to site.
  • Medical industry containers are also available for purchase from Container King, and can be customized according to any specific storage or outfitting requirements.
  • We are able to create specially repurposed containers for a variety of medical needs, including medical supplies containers, decontamination containers and hazardous storage containers.

These containers can be converted and delivered at a much faster rate than would be required in order to build a permanent medical facility, and can be completed at a fraction of the cost.

The healthcare industry plays a vital role in delivering safe medical solutions to a variety of communities, and medical industry containers must be equipped to meet these needs effectively.

To this end, Container King is a technology-centred company that employs innovative methods to deliver the best quality easily and affordably.

Our medial industry containers can be outfitted with medical supplies, computers and tables, with seating room and partitions.

Storage units can be included at either standard or climate-controlled conditions, and can provide emergency storage for additional equipment such as extra beds or wheelchairs.

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