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The Royal Choice for Container Rentals

At Containerking we have taken the next logical step in container rentals, and we are optimising the advantages of container conversions into several different mobile applications. Apart from the mobility of a converted container, it also offers instant and secure solutions for whatever requirements you may have. If it can be constructed with bricks and mortar, it can be containerised at a fraction of the cost and time. You might also be interested in renting a 6m container or a 12m container for sale. Our other products include kitchen containersspaza shop containers and accommodation containers.

The Royal Choice for Container Rentals

Container King has long been recognised as one of the leaders in containers for sales and hire. With Container King, renting a container is quick and easy. We will deliver the container, or containers, of the desired size to your location and will position it exactly where you choose. We pride ourselves on our punctuality and strive to provide a valuable customer service to both companies and individuals alike.

The great thing about renting a container is that it is extremely cost effective. This is why container rentals have become a popular choice for a host of industry professionals and private individuals who are working within strict budget constraints. At Container King, we take great pride in providing quality containers to the public at extremely competitive prices.

Specialising in providing above ground, onsite storage containers, Container King provides only the very best containers for hire to our customers. We supply containers for rental in two different sizes, namely 6 metre and 12 metre containers. All of our containers are rust-free, ensuring the longevity of your belongings while in storage. They are water tight, weatherproof and can be easily locked and unlocked. Our containers provide fantastic shelter from the elements and are highly secure.

We understand the amount of pressure you can be under as a business or a home owner that is in dire need of storage. That is why we try and make the rental process as simple and stress free as possible. After all, the point of hiring a container is for convenience, so why should the process of securing said container give you grey hairs? In short, it shouldn it and it won`t if you put your faith in Container King for all your container rental needs.

What you need to know when hiring containers

Always take the weight of your cargo into account to ensure that the container can handle it. Most containers should be watertight and highly secure, however it is always a good idea to check and make sure that the container which you are considering purchasing is in good condition, especially if it is second hand. If your container is not watertight then you always run the risk of your cargo suffering water damage, rot and rodent infestation.

At Container King all of our containers are put through rigorous quality assessments to ensure that they are fit for resale. Our used containers always come with a certification which specifies that they are cargo worthy. If the container is not cargo worthy we will always inform you beforehand, and we will never lead you astray with false information regarding our containers.

Container King is a highly professional container manufacturer and supplier. If you are looking for quality containers for sale then contact Container King today and let us find exactly what you need.

Container Transportation

At Containerking we fully understand that the loading, moving and unloading of a container requires specific and specialised equipment, and competent people to operate it.

You want to ensure that the people you liaise with understand the importance of careful handling and precision placement. Because our core business is the selling and renting of containers, we are fully equipped to handle your container transportation needs anywhere within South Africa and across the globe. You can be assured that your cargo is in capable hands when you trust us to conduct your transportation.

We utilise trucks, rail, shipping, crane and forklift to load and unload the containers.Contact us today discuss your transportation requirements and let us make the move effortless for you.

General Purpose Containers

General purpose containers are made of corrugated steel, making them extremely robust and secure. These containers are also watertight, making them the perfect option for trans-oceanic travel. Inside the floors are usually hard planked wood or plywood sheeted. These containers are suitable for all general cargo. While general purpose containers are usually preferred for transporting dry, solid goods then cal also be lined with plastic to transport non-toxic liquids.

These basic containers are also the preferred option for container conversions as they can come with a varying number of doors depending on the customer s specifications.

Find quality steel containers for sale at Container King.

Sales, rentals, conversions and transport of new/used containers and pre-fabricated buildings. At Container King we have taken the next logical step in container rentals and sales, and we are optimising the advantages of container conversions into several different mobile applications. We are a market leader in the parkhome industry, offering various sizes as per customer specification. Apart from the mobility of a converted container/parlhome, it also offers instant and secure solutions for whatever requirements you may have. If it can be constructed with bricks and mortar, it can be containerised at a fraction of the cost and time.

How Can Onsite Container Conversion Offices Benefit You?

Onsite offices vastly improve your company operations for one main reason: convenience. Having an office onsite increases productivity and speeds up decision making, in addition to providing a comfortable working environment for onsite personnel.

These offices provide the perfect space for those important planning sessions, business x1C;pow-wows x1D; and executive meetings. It cuts out the time wasted by travelling back to your company headquarters, or closest branch, to have the same discussion. Basically, it makes business more lucrative as decisions can be made in a safe, secure environment, and with haste.

In terms of the logistics of container conversions, the process is easy and pain-free. Why bother erecting a temporary structure that may not be completely weatherproof when you could simply position a container, with all the necessary facilities to run your business, in the corner of your construction site, mining plant, or development project? The structure requires no assembly and no foundation, meaning that you can have a fully functioning office in a matter of hours.

For more information on our container office conversions, please do not hesitate to contact us.Our containers can be customised to your specific needs, so let us assist and advise you on the best container conversion office solution for your business or project.


  • we have recently successfully completed the supply and delivery of Archive containers which were converted as follows…..
  • 40mm Polystyrene and Chromodek insulation.
  • Water proofing on the roofs.
  • Rubberlined flooring.
  • 600mm industrial shelves.
  • 350mm whirly birds on the roof.
  • full electrical installation with certificate of compliance.