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Shipping containers have been around for decades and where they were usually only used for storage during shipping, they have increased in popularity and demand over the past decade.

Container King is proud to offer containers for sale in Botswana. We're confident in our products and are known for competitive container prices in Gaborone.

People have started using them for a variety of different purposes, drifting away from their main purpose to more creative, versatile solutions. Shipping containers have increased in popularity for the following reasons:

  • They offer budget-friendly solutions
  • They can be used for several applications
  • They are easy to shape, convert, and transform

Botswana is one of the African countries which has the highest average economic rate paired with the longest running economic boom in Africa, with a large budget surplus. This growth is attributable to the diamond mining sector which is protected by cautious foreign policies.

Another factor is that Botswana is a tourism destination, with the tourism industry accounting for 12% of the gross domestic profit (GDP) of the country, giving more rise to the use of shipping containers to offer convenient and flexible solutions.

As result of increases in popularity around the world, people are finding more shipping containers for sale in Botswana, and several other African countries. This allows people to use containers for a range of purposes, further discussed in the sections below. You might also be interested in containers for sale in Eswatini.

The Different Uses of Containers

Shipping containers have become more popular around the world and there are several trusted distributors who have containers for sale in Botswana. These shipping containers can be used for any of the following purposes:

  • Theatres and Bistros
  • Schools
  • Restaurants
  • Shipping Container Homes
  • Workshops
  • Offices
  • Emergency Hospital

Theatres and Bistros

By reprocessing inter-modal containers into bistros and/or open theatres have become very trendy in many places around the world. Container prices in Botswana have decreased significantly as the supply of containers increased to meet demands, especially since containers are used for more creative purposes.

Even though these shipping containers provide a temporary recreational atmosphere, the containers can easily be revamped for other uses.


There are many parts of the world, especially in African countries such as Botswana where traditional school buildings may be too expensive for communities and governments to fund.

By using shipping containers, classrooms and entire schools can be constructed for much cheaper while still providing children and young people with a safe, sheltered learning environment.


There are more pop-up restaurants that have started using shipping containers and with many tuck shops popping up across Botswana as people try to make additional income, shipping containers serve as the perfect area to sell fresh produce and other goods.

Shipping Container Homes

This is one of the most popular use for shipping containers over the world, providing people with affordable, customisable yet versatile housing options.

Shipping containers are also popular as they are made from quality materials, and they are a safer, cheaper option than other building materials in more rural areas.


There are many shipping containers for sale in Gaborone which are being converted into workshops, allowing for a sheltered and safe workspace without taking away from the quality service that people offer their customers.

Workshops can easily be fitted with workstations, workbenches, shelves for tools and equipment, and more. The benefit is that the workshop can be moved when needed, it can be rented out, or it can be transformed and converted to serve another purpose.


This is another popular use for shipping containers and with the space constraints that many countries have, including Botswana. With an increase in the uses for shipping containers, supply has increased, leading to a significant reduction in container prices in Botswana.

By reprocessing shipping containers, they can be architecturally modified to serve as spacious and convenient office buildings.

Emergency Hospital

Another issue that many third-world countries face is a lack of access to emergency services and healthcare because of isolated locations where transport is not always an option, mostly as result of a lack of proper roads, lack of resources, and so on.

Shipping containers can be effectively used to provide healthcare to those who cannot access larger hospitals, and they can be fitted with all the necessary equipment to cater for a range of health conditions, injuries, and other medical emergencies.


Shipping containers come in a range of specifications associated with weight, length, and height. There is no one size fits all where shipping containers and their applications are concerned, and for this reason, Container King offers a range of shipping containers in Botswana.

Customers have a choice between any of the following:

  • 3m, 6m, and up to 12m containers
  • General purpose containers
  • Kitchen containers
  • Site Office containers
  • High cube containers
  • New containers
  • Used containers
  • Conversion containers
  • Custom solutions, and several others.

Despite the type of shipping container Botswanan clients need, Container King has a range of options with the option for customisation. There are quality new and used shipping containers for sale in Botswana, and clients also have the option of renting a container for a period for a range of purposes.

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Only the highest quality of material is used in combination with innovative solutions, turnkey solutions, and client-focused support. Regardless of the solutions that clients need, Container King is only a call away, with an experienced, dedicated team ready to provide customised container solutions at affordable, competitive prices in Botswana.

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