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We offer industrial insutaion with chromadek and polystyrene or drywall with cavity bat insulation for a more corporate look.

Insulation can be any colour


Polyurethane rubberized flooring

Kitchenette Container

Kitchenette including taps and should you require we can fit postform tops.


Laboratory Container Conversions

Male And Female Ablutions

Ablution Container Conversions


Shower Container Conversions

Designed Archive Facility

Custom archive facility conversions

Mobile Turnstile Containers

We supply mobile Turnstile units with or without the turnstiles. Units have access control systems or we make provision therefore.


We do any ablution facility, toilets, showers, basins, geysers, kitchenette, you name it, anything fits into our containers.

Paper Waste/ Hook Lift Bins

Ideal for any hook lilt truck and can be modified to fit any configuration

Affordable Converted Containers For Sale in South Africa

At Container King we have a wide variety of converted containers for sale. Below you can read more about some of the most popular container conversion options.

Convenient Container Ablution Blocks

Ablution containers are yet another variation of our container conversions, where we take old shipping containers and convert them into hygienic ablution facilities to accommodate guests at a variety of different events. If you are looking for a fast executive toilet hire and effective ablution solutions, the container ablution blocks are exactly what you need.

Containerised ablution blocks are ideal for event toilet hire at events such as music festivals, film shoots, exhibitions, sporting games, any event where you need to be able to provide ample ablution facilities for your guests. This ablution facility is able to withstand high volumes of traffic while not compromising on hygiene and cleanliness. These facilities are user friendly and can include other added amenities such as showers, additional toilets, urinals and basins. This ensures that your guests are more than comfortable, cutting down extended cues and ultimately making your event more enjoyable.

There are two types ablution containers, the one which is best suited to you will depend on the location of your event. If the event is taking place near a main sewerage line, these toilets can simply be connected to the sewerage mains. If not, we can supply portable toilets which dispose of waste chemically. These container ablution blocks are portable, meaning they can be relocated with ease. This makes them extremely practical, effective and much more financially viable.

Toilets can be split into male and female ablution facilities, with the male blocks including urinals, depending on your requirements. We will go out of our way to customise the container to your specifications. In addition, our container conversions are all highly secure, vandal proof and weather proof.

For effective, affordable ablution facilities converted from old shipping containers, contact Container King.We will ensure that your facility is completed according to your specifications and will assist you in putting together the event of your dreams.

Container Conversions to Onsite Laboratories

Having a facility which is fully equipped and easily accessible is imperative in most fields of research. However this is not always the case as some research takes place way off the beaten track in hard-to-reach areas and rural communities which do not have access to laboratory facilities. So what does a researcher do if they know that they will be spending six months on location and the closest laboratory is 200km’s away?

At Container King we can provide quality laboratory space through shipping container conversions. These steel containers are robust, durable, weatherproof and extremely secure, meaning that all of your research and samples will be safe from adverse weather conditions and potential vandals. In addition, these containers are easy to transport. For example, say a researcher has been studying a particular species of river plant on the eastern border of the Eastern Cape for the past two months but wants to relocate their laboratory to the western part of the Eastern Cape to compare samples. Now, with a laboratory constructed out of bricks and mortar this would be impossible, but with a container conversion laboratory it is simple. These containers are easy to transport and because of their durable nature they have the longevity to withstand long distance travel.

Our custom containers act as fully functioning onsite labs and can save the researcher and company millions of Rands in setup and analysis through pre-screening samples onsite. In addition, your turnaround time will improve as you can have a fully functioning lab within hours of arriving onsite, again saving you money. All analysis will be done onsite, meaning that your samples are fresh, as opposed to driving to the closest laboratory and running the risk of contamination in the process.

These container converted laboratories are not only suited to field study, they can also be used as additional, low cost research space in an industrial area. Containers are extremely versatile, so at the end of the day the containers uses stretch only as far as your imagination can take them. We are proud to say that we tailor each container to our customer’s specific needs. We offer a variety of specialised features to suit your particular research requirements. Contact Container King to find out what facility we can offer you, and how it can save you money and improve your research.

Container Conversions to Custom Kitchens and Canteens

Fully functional canteens and kitchens can be custom designed from container conversions to suit your businesses needs. Certain projects and businesses require the necessary facilities to provide their employees and workforce with a cooked meal at lunchtimes. However, building kitchen facilities, especially if the project only runs for a short period of time, can be expensive and impractical. Therefore, cost effective canteen solutions are required by these businesses that have need of fully functional kitchen units with immediate effect.

Our canteen steel container conversions range from your basic field kitchen to a fully functional industrial kitchen. As always it depends what you are looking for and at Container King we are dedicated to providing you with container conversions that fit your specifications. If you are providing for a small workforce for a short period of time then perhaps the field kitchen will suffice. However, if you are providing lunch for a large workforce over an extended period of time then the industrial kitchen is surely your best bet. These container canteens also work well as lunch rooms for learners in rural areas and will ensure that there is a safe, clean area where food can be made.

These customised container canteen provide a safe and hygienic place for food preparation. This is absolutely critical as contaminated food could potentially infect your staff, grinding production and productivity to a halt. In many sectors this is simply not an option. Shipping container conversions provide all the amenities necessary for healthy food production. We provide gas cookers, fryers, food prep areas, storage cooking areas and washing up areas. As always we will customise your canteen to your specifications.

Container conversion canteens are a great idea because of their mobility. Within hours of arriving onsite there can be a fully functional canteen already preparing lunch for employees. Similarly, if the workforce is redeployed elsewhere the container can follow them to the next site. This not only makes it convenient but cost effective too.

For customised containers and fully functional canteens contact Container King. We will work closely to your design specifications and design the best possible solution for you.

Control Room Container Conversions

As with our converted laboratories, control room container conversions are best suited, but not limited to, rural and hard to reach areas. In the past our containers have been used as control rooms on excavation, mining, development projects and construction sites with great effect.

The beauty about shipping container conversions is that they are highly affordable. If you had to construct the same facility out of bricks it would be a very expensive endeavour. Similarly, you cannot move a permanent structure, but a converted container can be transported from place to place without compromising on durability. In a sense a container control room is more of a long term solution than actually constructing a building, because it always has the option of redeployment. It is cheaper too and less time consuming. With container conversions you can have a fully operational control room onsite in a matter of hours. In doing this you drastically increase productivity in both the time leading up to the project and in general operations for the duration of the project.

At Container King we take great pride in being able to deliver exactly what the customer needs. That s why we customise containers to meet your specifications. We can supply fully functional control rooms with electronic equipment, telephone and data, public announcement systems, security, and more! No matter what the project, we can handle it. Speak to us to get a fully functional and efficient control room on-site, with minimal effort and cost compared to a built structure.

Contact Container King,give us your specifications and we ll design the ultimate solution for you. Experience the versatility of containers with our tailor-made custom containers and secure the ideal control room for your project.

More Container Options

We also offer a wide range of containers both for sale and rent for various uses such as secure storage and transportation of various materials. The uses of our containers are endless. let us assist you in finding the ideal solution for you.

Let us assist you in finding a custom solution for you.

More Container Options

We also offer a wide range of containers both for sale and rent for various uses such as secure storage and transportation of various materials. The uses of our containers are endless. let us assist you in finding the ideal solution for you.

Let us assist you in finding a custom solution for you.