How to Check Container Sizes Before Buying or Renting

How to check container sizes before buying or renting?  In this guide we break down some of the tips on how to choose the right container size for you.

Spending time to build the traditional way can become an expensive and time-consuming project.

It is better to familiarize yourself with using modern prefabricated buildings and conversion containers, as opposed to the older building methods. (Bricks and Cement)

If you are a first-time container buyer, you may think that one container size is like that of others. This is a common mistake that first-time buyers make when they choose to rent or buy a container. Containers come in various sizes but are limited to the following:

  • 12Mtr or 40Ft General Purpose Containers – 12Mtrs(L) x 2.44Mtrs(W) x 2.59Mtrs(H)
  • 12Mtr or 40Ft High Cube Containers – 12Mtrs(L) x 2.44Mtrs(W) x 2.89Mtrs(H)
  • 6Mtr or 20Ft General Purpose Containers – 6Mtrs(L) x 2.44Mtrs(W) x 2.59Mtrs(H)
  • 6Mtr or 20Ft High Cube Containers – 6Mtrs(L) x 2.44Mtrs(W) x 2.89Mtrs(H)
  • 3Mtr or 10Ft General Purpose Containers – 3Mtrs(L) x 2.44trs(W) x 2.59Mtrs(H)

Two of the common container sizes people would choose to invest in would be the six-metre container and the twelve-metre container. These container sizes have many benefits, which we will discuss in a moment. You might also enjoy our comparison guide on 6m and 12m containers.

Advantages of a Six-metre Container

Six-metre containers are the perfect size for those clients who are looking for a more affordable solution, but also require sufficient space. This size container is a better option than the three-metre container as one gets double the space but not double the price.

Some of the other advantages of a six-metre container are:

  • The six-metre container is easy to transport from one area to another. This means that the container can be used in more than one location.
  • Due to the space within these containers, they can be used as a temporary storage unit or it can be converted into any design that the client requires.

Advantages of a Twelve-metre Container

It can be difficult to visualise the amount of space one will need. In a case where one cannot decide on the container size, it would be beneficial to visit the Container King Depot and view the different size containers and make an educated decision.

Some of the advantages of the twelve-metre container are:

  • The twelve-metre container is ideal for bigger bulkier goods to store in.
  • The size of these containers allows them to be converted to open plan offices, classrooms, ablutions and many such conversions.

Tips for Choosing the Right Container Size

If you are still not sure to know which is the right container size for you, follow the three tips below:

  1. Consider where the container is to be placed.

One of the important tips to follow is to know where your container will be placed. This will help you to get a better understanding of how big your container needs to be. It is not advised to purchase or rent a container that is bigger than the available space.

  1. Know the purpose of your container

By knowing what your container will be used for, will allow you to have a better understanding of how much space is required for your container.

  1. Bigger is not always Better

Often you find people suggesting the bigger the container, the better it is.

It is a mistake to assume that the size of the container you intend to buy, or rent makes no difference. This type of misconception tends to be one of the biggest downfalls for people who are interested in investing in a container.

Be sure to know where you would like to place the container and have a clear vision of what the intended purpose of the container will be.

Give us a call or visit our offices and speak to one of our informed sales team to explain the difference between container sizes.