Buying vs Renting Containers – Which is Better?

Are you looking to find out the difference between buying vs renting containers?  Read how to determine which option you should consider the next time you are interested in getting a container. We also discuss some of the different container options available for rent and sale at Container King.

Many people are investigating the utilization of shipping containers. Whether it is used for transporting goods or purchased with the intention of converting it into a useful space, containers are so versatile that they are in high demand. However, the question remains whether you should buy or rent a container? We have also compiled a guide on distinguishing between 6m and 12m containers and tips on choosing the right size container.

How to Determine if Buying or Renting a Container is the Correct Option

Containers have become one of the more popular products to invest in. Over the years, it has become evident that most people tend to move away from what would be considered the normal way of constructing buildings, (i.e. bricks and cement) to more sustainable solutions such as conversion containers and prefabricated buildings

One of the more important tips to keep in mind when deciding on whether to buy or rent a container would have to be the time factor involved. If you are looking to use the container for a short period of time, then renting would be the best option.  However, if your intention is to use the container for a much longer period of time, then it would make more sense to buy.

Advantages of Renting a Container

Renting is the best option when it comes to temporarily using a container.

 Some of the advantages of renting a container are

  • When you choose to rent a container, it allows you to get to know the product before opting to make the permanent decision of a purchase. This advantage gives the one more time to better understand the product and find out if that specific container will be the perfect choice to invest in.
  • Renting a container is perfect for once off use.
  • Choosing to rent a container means that you do not have to worry about maintaining the container. It is important that these products are maintained for them to last long.
  • Renting a container means that you can exchange one container for another type of container. This allows you to test different options instead of making a purchase of one type of container and later realizing that you should have made a different choice.

Advantages of Buying a Container

If your intention is to use the container for a longer period of time, your best option would be to buy the container. Buying a container is a much cheaper option in the long run, as opposed to hiring containers each time that you need them.

Other advantages of choosing to buy a container are

  • Buying a container means that you have ownership over the product. This allows you to customise the container as per your requirements. A hired container normally has a fixed design and the owner does not allow any conversions or modifications. When you buy the container, you are the sole owner, enabling you to fully customise it to your needs.
  • It is much more convenient to buy a container as opposed to renting one. It can become a bind to make special arrangements to hire a container each time you require one. By choosing to purchase a container, you will have the advantage of a container being at your disposal all the time.

Our Selection of Containers for Buying

At Container King the options for buying containers are innumerable.

However, we have many standard designs available. Some of the standard designs available include the following:

  • 3, 6 and 12Mtr General Purpose Storage Containers
  • 6 and 12 Mtr High Cube Storage Containers
  • 6Mtr Site Office Containers
  • 12Mtr Site Office Containers
  • 3 and 6Mtr Spaza Shops
  • 6Mtr Kitchen Containers
  • 12Mtr Refrigerated Containers

Apart from above there are many more options available to buy. 

Our Selection of Containers for Renting

At Container King the following containers are available for renting:

  • 6 Mtr Storage Containers
  • 12Mtr Storage Containers
  • 6Mtr Standard Site Office Containers
  • 6Mtr Standard Site Office Containers with Air Conditioner
  • 6Mtr Executive Site Office Containers with Two Air Conditioners
  • 6Mtr Refrigerated Containers
  • 12Mtr Refrigerated Containers

Why You Should Buy or Rent a Container from Container King

Container King has been serving customers with conversion containers and prefabricated buildings since 2015. Our company is a technologically advanced business which only uses the latest advanced technology.

We provide our customers with the best prices on all our products. Our renting and sales prices are offered at the most competitive prices on the market.

Our containers are manufactured from only the best quality materials. Our technologically advanced systems as well as the top materials used, will ensure that our containers are strong enough to withstand any environmental condition. We take pride in offering only the best container solutions for our customers. All our products go through a stringent series of inspection tests before they are sold or rented out.

Speak to our team today to find out more about buying vs renting containers. This useful information will help you to make the most informed decision.

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